Monday, November 30, 2015

Official Stickers Only

We found this collection in an alley right off Fremont Street, the same alley from a few posts ago. This location is definitely getting hit harder with stickers and wheatpaste pieces from local and out of town artists. The usual group of Vegas heavy hitters Indecline, Visual Bluff and Dopl are always representing and this sign ain't no different. Joined by Irot, Eastside, Tenr, Hekr and some random tags, this sign is hit pretty hard and we don't see any sign of this spot slowing down. From the stickers on the signs on one side of the alley, to the other being blasted with bigger wheatpaste pieces. We think its safe to say, this spot is catching fire!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Street Testing

We found this series of images that resemble Rorschach tests under the decaying Indecline piece in the 18b. These artist unknown pieces look sorta like someone spray painted some parts or shapes and liked the leftovers, or these could look way different to you depending on your psychological make up. We've been looking pretty hard for anything to post on the building on Coolidge and 1st, you have to read between the lines with all the crap all over that place. Seems like artists are kinda letting their pieces go and hitting other spots since people are just writing their own shit on other peoples art. Sadly the 18b Arts District is rife with spot jackers and people that think adding some bullshit stencil or tag to another artists piece is somehow ok. We've seen one of the same stencils used on these walls in an artists artwork during a First Friday event, in fact they pointed it out to us as we walked by. "This is my artwork!" "Uh, sorry" was our only reply.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Los Angeles street brand Dissizit makes an Las Vegas appearance with their Diss Lil Piggy design, sorta. Apparently Dekoe got bummed out recently when his piece got capped by Anilyz Something, so he capped back with this OG Slick piece and what looks like a hastily made tiled piece of his own. His piece had been riding for about 2 months, so its actually not a surprise that it got covered cuz nothing lasts forever. Especially in street art! This type of capping and fighting for space happens daily and even hourly in places with a bigger scene, which leads us to our next question. How would some of these touchy artists fare in bigger cities? You have to work 3 times as hard for space and add people stealing your still wet art off the street and reselling it, or even fistfight in the streets, which does happen way more than you'd think. But in the end, we are glad to see these artists fighting it out cuz this shit gets boring seeing the same art every single week.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sticky Rice

On a recent dinner outting at Komol Restaurant we noticed a few signs hit with all the local favorites. Like this one with Dan45, Indecline, Aware and others representing the Las Vegas scene. This lead us to the observation that not only do we all share the love of street art and getting up, but apparently a lot of artists and art lovers alike share the same taste in food. It is pretty clear when going out, we spot a lot of the same artists on signs and walls. We wonder how many times different artists have shared the same room without knowing it, or is it all laughs and beers together? Seems like one giant party waiting to happen if timed right, or maybe one huge fight. Who knows?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Poer Sight

When we first started visiting the Las Vegas area, Poer was one of the first artists we noticed on the streets. With their staple black and white image of digital text and hand symbol spelling out their name, a solid image with the artist using an ever revolving variations of the design. It was just the kind of art we enjoyed. Always hitting killer and out of the way spots, so much so that we've never been able to stop and grab a photo til now! In fact, this photo was taken passing by slowly in a car. Found just past the Galleria at Sunset shopping mall in Henderson.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We spotted this cluster of tags and stickers in an alley right off Fremont street, right across from this spot to be exact. The tags here aren't anything other than the ordinary, its the stickers that grabbed our attention. This is a cool find to us with this selection of different artists using different techniques, we always enjoy seeing the difference between styles on spots like this. You can see a range of people all wanting to get up, all with unique styles and that is what we love most about street art. A huge selection of artists with different work, skill and technique, all for the love of art and getting it up and out there.

Monday, November 16, 2015

No Credit

Another artist joins the group of out of town street artists on the Art Motel exterior. We are fast becoming fans of Anilyz Something with his clean black and white images and clean placement. This newest piece with its gritty look is definitely a switch of styles and still keeps the original ingenuity and look of his artwork. While we are not usually fans of the black and white prints that a lot of artists use now a days, we are however a fan of strong design and Anilyz Something can bring it! Also, we find it kinda funny that while buffing the tags on this wall they buffed Apexer's name and credit right off the building. Uh, oops!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pickle Plate

Typical Bandito is back in the 18b with a new piece. A polkadot faced male that looks like an old school club kid or something. Complete with an altered quote from the movie Dirty Dancing. "Put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy." Yeah ok, we had to look it up cuz, well because it was Dirty Dancing! Interesting choice to use an image of someone other than Patrick Swayze for this piece, instead using a male model seemingly from a fashion magazine. To us, the words somehow hold more weight on top of an otherwise vapid image. Definitely a bright spot on the building on Coolidge and 1st.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Puzzle Action

We found another missing piece of the puzzle, and it was right under our noses the whole time!  Local artist, singer and pizza lover Dan45 has been leaving these mysterious orange puzzle pieces around town. We've spotted a few and wrote about them here and here, but we are kinda in disbelief that this piece was in the 18b and we never saw it! Til now! This guy must have been riding for almost a year in this well hidden (from us) spot, and still looks great for the amount of time and elements its endured. A testimonial to Dan45's artwork and craft, cuz its pretty damn tough to get a piece to be interesting, good AND durable. Kudos!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Big Duke

We spotted a few stickers and tags in a Wal-Mart parking lot of all places, sometimes ya gotta get up when ya shop I guess. But amongst the tags and some random shoe sticker, we spotted the face of Big Duke from Psycho Realm. A Los Angeles rapper who was tragically paralyzed by a gunshot while trying to break up a fight. Kind of a cool image for a tribute to the artist, we wonder who is putting these out? And at Wal-Mart much less, well I mean we did see them, photograph them, and now you're reading about it. So yeah, job well done!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Late Check-In

The now boarded up entrance to the Art Motel from Life Is Beautiful is hosting an art show of its very own, with a growing number of artists hitting this spot. Surrounded by Apexer's beautiful spray paint mural, Voxx Romana, Skam, Drsc0 with a number of unidentified artists all find their perfect place on the makeshift wall. We always love the difference of artwork in a random grouping of street art, from prints to painting to tags to stencils. It seems like we've got a lot of styles all working together to make this spot happen. We wonder if this place with start to gather some strength with more artists joining in, but we guess only time will tell. Hell, these photos are from a few days ago. It might already be gone before we get back out to take more photos, lets hope not!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sun Scars

LaRON Emcee is back in the 18b with another hand painted wheatpaste piece. Found on the Coolidge and 1st wall above a Milk The Bunny piece that coincidentally has the very same pink in the ears as LaRON's character, and you know we just love a successful unintentional collab like that. A beautiful woman with pink hair with floating clouds, with an added speech bubble that includes a peace sign, a heart and what looks like a Basquiat crown. LaRON's pieces are always very striking on first glance in the streets, with those big pupiless eyes, we are always drawn to them immediately. We especially love the third artist in this unintentional collab, The Sun! Or is the artist (or someone) speeding the aging process by making tears in the piece? Not too sure, but we love how it looks.