Friday, January 29, 2016

No Signs Of Decline

Always the guys to be hitting the killer spots, local favorites Indecline get up on an old sign above the corner of Hoover and 4th. This image has become so familiar that when viewing the original pedestrian/crosswalk sign, it looks straight up wrong to us. Indecline have taken this familiar image and have completely and utterly made it their own, which is no small feet mind you! When you combine a solid image with the wherewithal and balls to hit the high profile places that no one else does, then it seems you have a winning street art combination. Which by no means mean these guys only work in wheatpaste, Indecline has proven to be a force to be reckoned with aerosol, ink, stickers and paste. If you don't already know, then be ready to find out.   

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leftovers Are Beautiful

This past Life Is Beautiful festival brought numerous street artists through town, including high profile artists like D*Face. As the months go by we keep finding different versions of his poker chip character around town, and we just spotted this one downtown at the corner of 7th and Stewart. This was just one of many pieces D*Face placed around town during his town here, but the thing that we can't figure out is. When did this Teacher piece go up and how the hell did we miss it?! It actually looks pretty recent and looks in better shape than D*Face's piece, so maybe we got the chance to catch this one before it was taken and/or buffed. What a great find, as we are big fans of both artists and we are more than happy to see them in the Las Vegas streets.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Citrus Skull

Anilyz Something is back downtown with a new piece off Fremont, and you can't help but notice it all the way down the street! This stencil of a skull is so damn bright, these photos just don't do it justice but trust us. it is BRIGHT! It looks to us like the artist laid down a neon orange with a brush and finished it off with a black stencil image of his skull character. On the cloudy day we were out looking for artwork, this popped off the wall from a full block away. We love eye catching pieces, especially when they are strong images like Anilyz Something uses. As usual this piece is no different, only this time the added color pops to almost immeasurable amounts and really works. Especially against the layers and layers of stickers on these slammed doors, great stuff from Anilyz Something!

Friday, January 22, 2016

There She Was

While heading downtown we spotted the Skull Capper (that is what we are gonna call him from now on) hit another hand painted piece. This time There She Is gets her hand painted Houdini piece capped with those bad photocopies of an even worse image, four of them to be exact. We still don't get it, why the hell someone is capping hand painted pieces?! Is it envy? Is it jealousy of other artists skills? Are you trying to make some point, cuz it is completely lost on us and anyone that sees them. This person seems hellbent on trying to make some point, but the only one we are getting is that you are a bad artist and an even worse street artist. Only time will tell if this person will cap the wrong art and/or get caught in the process, the clock has been ticking for awhile on this one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Street Tales

It's Me It's Erik gets up with a rather large collage piece in the 18b Arts District, surrounded by other artists Indian Giver, Recycled Propaganda, You Killed Me First, There She Is and some straight up horrible graffiti. We have no idea the story is with this piece, but it almost tells the story itself with these hand drawn mismatched symbols on kraft paper. Someone then added that black background with blue.....uh, vines? Not too sure what they are, other than some hastily painted addition that was added after the fact. Indian Giver with another tattooed celebrity, and its Marilyn Monroe which as you know has never been used in street art. Obviously that isn't true, she is one of the most overused images in street art so no props from us there. All in all, a solid piece from IE that is being used to its full advantage from other Johnny-come-lately artists. This town is rife with spotjackers, and it ain't getting any better anytime soon from the looks of it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Changes

Well well well, here we are on our 400th Lost Vague Us blog post! We just wanted to thank everyone that takes the time to have a look at our site, we are trying our best to cover this fast growing scene while we grow right along with it. Thanks to all the artists that got up here in Las Vegas and gave us new content to post, be it from another state or the local artists. Thank you! Here we have Typical Bandito with a new piece in the 18B Arts District, another hand finished and layered image. Using an Bleu de Chanel cologne advertisement as his base, he gives the old ads new life with colors and black lines. The dark color and background really pops off the turquoise wall, and make the mess next to it look....well a little more messy. This time the artist has added the text "It changes things life" which reads a little disjointed to us, it kinda sounds like a quote from Yoda which makes it all the more bizarre. The addition of teeth to the mans face make it look pretty comical as well, maybe he is trying to give us a message about life and humor? Only the artist knows for sure, but has our attention once again.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Backward Gaze

Drsc0 meets up with some older LaRON Emcee and D*Face pieces on the electrical box on Fremont and 8th. The third of his trilogy of pieces put up on his latest mission around town, we really enjoy this image. A black and white print of a topless woman, with her back exposed and what looks like a yellow material wrapped around her bottom half. Finished off with bright red lips and an over the shoulder gaze to catch you while you stare at her nakedness. It feels like such a delicate image next to the rips and tears from the Xerox skull guys leftover pieces, which aren't helping anyone's artwork besides his own. We like how all the different styles are coming together in this one location, from hand painted to tags to graphic design. This one spot has it covered, and we look forward to new pieces joining in on this Fremont Street location.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It looks like the same artist hit the 18b Arts District with their digital skull pasters, and ended up capping people all the way around the block. But this one in particular really got our attention, since it looks like he capped a canvas that someone affixed to the wall. We aren't too sure which artist put this canvas piece up, but we sure know who capped it....sorta! We have the same skull used on previous pieces, updated with them capping what looks like a Warhol Marilyn Monroe. Finished up with a black X sprayed on the entire thing, which is something new but these are still fairly uninspired and weak pieces. Unless we are missing some big part of the picture here, wouldn't be the first time either. These photos are from a little bit ago, and since then almost all pieces of art on the Coolridge building have been capped by a ton of aerosol tags. So finally the capper got capped, but who'll be the next victim? We honestly can't wait to see what happens next, and to whom!

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Rules

A little bit ago the entrance of the Art Motel got an aerosol update from Greveone with a giant throwie, only to have Drsc0 get up with one of his hand finished digital prints on the right side a little while later. Well someone definitely took offense and wrote "don't cap real bombers" and signed it over the piece, giving a quick lesson in street art to the artist and anyone that sees it in the street! The politics of street art can get messy and rather ugly if artists cover other artists, and covering a graffiti piece is not a good thing and that is putting it insanely mild to be honest. When we were introduced to the world of street art and graffiti years ago we couldn't believe how many rules there were. Even if they were unspoken, they were still some damn solid guidelines that you needed to follow. Especially if you wanted to stay outta trouble! The gist of it in this case? Do NOT put wheatpaste art on or over graffiti pieces! Yes, there are the rare occasions that an artist works in both styles, but usually the two classes of artists tend to not mix too well.... Again, we are putting it mildly.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Dopl View

During an evening excursion to The Flamingo we spotted this Dopl sticker while we were waiting around for the elevator. Looks like its been there for a good while too, with little picks and scratches around the border. Dopl is very active and visual artist around this city, you can always seem to find a sticker and/or tag with his name if you look. Stickers are such a huge part of the scene here, and yes we do realize we say that with almost every sticker post. But dammit, its true! Dopl is one of the few sticker artists we like, he always seems to change it up and that is what we enjoy. Between Dopl, Indecline, Aware, Visual Bluff and others, almost every inch of this city is slammed. Keep it up and keep getting up!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Doorman

Over this past New Years holiday weekend local artist Drsc0 got up with some new pieces in and around downtown. This first one we spotted off Fremont Street of a life size medical print of a man without skin and his muscles exposed, finished off with a hand painted border and logo on the chest is an interesting piece and we dig it. Seems like a few others did not, with it already being tagged and other artists sticker's on it. Indecline, or at least someone with some Indecline stickers went right across the eyes. We aren't exactly sure if this was a diss, cuz well to be honest it looks kinda cool to us. Then finished off with some run of the mill bubble letter slaps from someone named Gotti, placed above the chest and under the hands. This spot is a damn interesting read, if you have the time to stop and take a look. Do it, its worth it!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Poer Paint

With only one of the concrete spray cans left standing downtown, its fast becoming one of the perfect spots to hit. Every time someone hits it with a new piece, it usually comes off looking slick. Especially if its a larger and solid piece, and that is just what Poer has brought to this spot right outside the Art Motel. These unusual logos pieces that have been tiled sorta look 3D to us and gave us a bit of vertigo while trying to photograph them. An unexpected buzz usually comes with good art, so we are cool with that. We are excited to see Poer hitting highly accessible and visual spots, but we can't help wonder who will be the next to take this spot over. This is just one of many Las Vegas spots that is hit quite regularly with street art, we hope other artists are encouraged and/or outraged enough to pick up a wheatpaste brush and join in.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Product Placement

Well here we go with another year of Las Vegas Street Art, hope you all are ready cuz we sure are! It is starting to look like gas stations are a great place to spot new art, or a good place to look when you fill your tank at least. We recently spotted 3 eggshell stickers from local graphic artist d0z3n in North Vegas, and we are really digging these familiar backgrounds straight away. But the thing that makes these stickers to us are the hand drawn pieces on top. The juxtaposition of Coke, Oreo and Heinz logos, mixed with hand finished artwork really makes these stand out amongst a giant city of artists and stickers. The mix of digital and organic works well with these, and it makes us very interested in seeing more of d0z3n's work in the near future. Til then, these will do just fine.