Monday, May 30, 2016


Um, ok then. What is really going here? We spotted a few pasters with the Blick's logo on it of all things! We know that a ton of artists go to and/or use their products, but did someones district manager think this was a good idea or something?  We like to imagine it would go something like "Hey everyone, I know how we can hit the urban street art demographic" Ha ha ha, seems rather unlikely but then again we've seen weirder things. But anyway, we've got three pasters with Blick art materials printed on it. We don't have any idea who this person was that put these up though, was it an artist? Was it an employee? We don't really care either way, but we can tell you one thing. We REALLY hate it when companies that have money for legit advertising try this kinda thing on the streets, exactly like what we have going on here. You people have the money, you people have the means but you don't have the skills nor the wit to pull it off with any success. Found pasted to a light pole on Art Way in the 18b Arts District, how apropos......or so they thought!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Window Display

Man, Dekoe is one busy individual! Between doing live painting events and huge murals, he still finds time to get up with some new wheatpaste pieces. This grouping of artists was spotted on the corner of Casino and Charleston in the 18b Arts District, and this spot always seems to have something pasted on it as of late. It is good to see these staying up and new artwork being added on the regular, they seem to buff all the larger pieces that were just to the left of these. But these can stay, no idea why but we are just glad they are there. Dekoe gives us four versions of his trademark character, one large tiled black and white combined with a few different colored versions below. Also on the scene, we have There She Is and You Killed Me First with new art as well. There She Is with a hand painted Madame Leota from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, and well that is a switch! Usually its her art partner YKMF that would be the one paying tribute to the theme park ride, but not this time and we like it! YKMF with another one of his spooky looking Quija pieces in the shape of a coffin to dig a little deeper into the unknown, so to speak. Finally we have a bunch of the usual boring tags and some ads for some show we don't even care about, so yeah those flyers are working great! Great job!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The New Boss

Ha ha ha, this is so great!!! Dekoe gets up in the 18b Arts District using Jerry Misko's self-buffed mural as a canvas with great results. After Seattle artist Indian Giver came through town and added one of his 'shopped tattooed Elvis pieces uninvited. Seems like Misko the original artist didn't take to kindly and buffed it himself within a month's time, even going so far to buff his own artwork. But adding the message "THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE KING." before he was finished, and we thought that was pretty much the last word on this wall. Oh sure we've seen a few random and amateurish things drawn on the blank head of Elvis, but Dekoe's new and updated version just killed it for us! Spraying his signature character face in purple, blue and yellow aerosol and placed perfectly with in the head, but leaving the top blank to use Elvis's hair to make his own. It makes us laugh every time and we appreciate the cleverness of the artist! Finishing it up by spraying "Say hello to the new boss! Same as the ol' boss..." A line made famous by The Who in their song Won't Get Fooled Again is a great way to announce his takeover, and we hope this piece stays just how it is for awhile. Thank you, thank you very much!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Samo Thing

We saw this smaller paster on the Coolidge building, it was a rather bad print of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Upon closer inspection we saw this was from someone named Tazmatic618, we aren't 100% sure this is a painting though to be honest. It looks exactly like a Photoshop effect we've seen numerous times, and we aren't sure if the artist is trying to pass it off as a painting. We have seen artists like Jerry Misko use Photoshop to their advantage and make stock looking images have an original feel. So like we said, we aren't too sure what is going on here. Well besides like we said, a rather bad print of some artwork with a red rectangle added with artist info. Not the cleanest delivery we've seen, and certainly not the worst but this leads us to this question. With people idolizing past urban artists mostly known for artwork in the street, will we have to see things like Shepard Fairey's face next to Andre the Giant's up huge somewhere on some billboard? Now that would be kind of bizarre, but that is pretty much we are getting here. No? We are sort of interested in seeing more of Tazmatic6087's artwork in the future, just to see what is exactly going on honestly. Found in the 18b Arts District.

Friday, May 20, 2016


We saw a couple of girls with some big eyebrows hanging out in the 18b Arts District recently.  This new offering from an artist we've never seen, well so far that is. These pieces are from an artist named Ashley Vegas, which we are guessing must be a local artist from the name. I know, I know we must be detectives right? Well anyway, this new piece that looks like its ink on kraft paper. To be honest we thought this was a new piece from Avantarded or maybe It's Me It's Erik, these three artists kinda have the same thing going on with their artwork being black ink on Kraft paper. So we aren't THAT crazy in assuming we wouldn't think, but we have to say that we do like this new offering. Two girls with rather forlorn faces, or maybe that are just copping a model pose. One thing for sure though, they have some mighty big manicured eyebrows. We enjoy the deliberate thinner lines and the almost haphazardly applied thicker lines as hair, the one on the left looks like shes bald with two locks handing on either side. Did the artist mean to have some a punk looking image? Who care, we dig it! But it almost feels like the girl is dreaming of being someone else, is the girl on the left her ideal image of herself? A lot of questions with this piece, and we enjoy all the possibilities.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Beast From Anaheim

We spotted a familiar face on this utility meter while walking around the 18b Arts District. Looking a little like something from a 50's Sci-Fi movie, with the head of Mickey Mouse and the body of a wasp with a rather large stinger. We have a product of mad street scientist Zork, who we haven't seen in the streets in awhile so it is a welcome and frightening sight. He offers us a smiling and happy Mickey who is sorta of showcasing the artists name with his hand, but is he giving a warning with that dangerous looking stinger? We really enjoy this black and white and almost retro looking piece. Zork had really been going large with his pieces and doing some cool new things before he disappeared from the street, so we hope to see more and soon. The utility meter's neighbor is absolutely slammed with so many stickers that we won't even attempt to name any of the people and artists, so just check em out if you get a chance! Or better yet, get some stickers of your own and join em!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Cleaners

We spotted a couple of new hand painted pasters from There She Is and You Killed Me First in between downtown and The Strip. Right in front of Super Cleaners, on Las Vegas Blvd and Gass to be exact. Since relocating from Los Angeles to Las Vegas a few years ago, these two have been working together hand and hand in the streets to make their presence known. Be it with small black and white pasters or with huge neon colored pieces, they are felt on the streets to be sure. There She Is offers us an image of the Gorgon sister better known as Medusa, with her trademark large eyes and pouty lips make this a striking portrait. Complete with snakes slithering around on her head as hair, she beckons you closer with her gaze to meet your fate. What will it be, hmmm? You Killed Me First continues his tour of Disneyland (so to speak) with another on of his Haunted Mansion plaque takeovers. YKMF has been using the Disney theme park as inspiration for street art for years, and apparently he isn't going to let up any time soon. It seems to us that these two have been inspired as of late, as we keep spotting new pieces from the duo around town. We can't wait to see what new and well, sometimes warped new artwork they will get up with. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Headless Children

At first glace we were kinda horrified at this latest piece, but after closer inspection it wasn't some kid cut in half like our warped minds thought.. Well it IS technically, but it is half of a whole piece from Milk The Bunny. Had we not caught her show at Twisted Gallery, we might have not known this was a smaller version of her "Swinging Baby Omy" canvas piece from said show. This self portrait of the artist as a small child was also used to promote her show, and we just happened to catch it on the street. It was kinda tough to spot on this wall on 1st, cuz that spot is getting jam packed with artwork of all kinds. Some great, some good but seemingly mostly bad. So to us, this is a little bright spot on the wall or window rather. The artist has this to say about this piece, "Swinging Baby Omy depicts the magic of being free". We can relate to the feeling of being young and free, but at this point its just a feeling to relate to with us. Artwork can transport you to a different time and/or feeling, but sometimes you just need to know where to look. Be it in the world or within yourself, and this time we found it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Corner Crossing

We found another new piece is from Drew OTR in the 18b Arts District, on the corner of Boulder and 1st. This spot gets a lot of action from what we've seen and keeps changing and changing. New pieces will show up, pieces get removed and pieces get replaced and so on. Seems like someone finally figured out that Begsonland piece was printed on one of those removable stickers, and took it right on the pole! The funny thing to us is that the most consistent piece is advertising a show thats already over. And it is made from the same sticker material! Guess no one wanted to try to take that one, or maybe they are too scared since its a high profile spot? People put it up, so people can take it. Don't be scared. I guess we will see if anyone takes us up on that offer, seems like they might have in the past since the others we've mentioned are now missing from the street. Damn, does that make us half accountable for its disappearance? Oops!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Dead Flowers

The wall on Coolridge has been getting its fair share of time in the spotlight, as its being hit on the regular by the same local crew. Looks like the buffman wants to get into the game, cuz they have been hitting back and bringing out the old gray paint to cover tags and throwies left and right. But these framed flowers somehow alway survive wave after wave of paint and buff, only to appear as if they have sprouted up once again in the 18b Arts District. It almost looks ghostly all alone, and surrounded by a completely buff gray wall. A few lines are still viable on the edges of the piece, but it looks awful lonely there by itself. I bet we won't have to wait long for another round of graffiti, cuz that Vegas crew is making the rounds. But then again, so is the Buffman. So good luck with that, and watch your back!

Friday, May 6, 2016


We recently noticed the stenciled Grandpa Munster piece that has been riding forever in the 18b Arts District has some new neighbors, or spot jackers depending on who you ask. To the left we have some barely legible text in bright pink that reads "Remain", kinda hard to remain somewhere when you didn't really finish the job of spraying your piece, no? Then to the right we have a little tighter piece with this 50s styled image of a burning match, with quite a lot of overspray around the edges of their stencil though. The older Grandpa Munster piece even after all this time, still looks great and makes these new additions pale in comparison. The purple burning match isn't all that bad, it just kinda looks like a burning french fry to us. Kinda weird, but we get it. Now, the real question is will we have to wait another full year before someone else joins this crew? We'll see......

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gone Fishin'

We spotted these beautiful Koi fish while taking a stroll around the Coolridge building in the 18b. Just one glance at these and we instantly knew they were from The Stencil Artista, the details and beautiful blended colors gave it away. Using what looks like house paint as a blue base, he makes these little splashes (no pun intended) of color to make puddles for the Koi. Then a white base for the body and then our favorite part, the beautifully done gradients of red, orange and gold! This little touch just makes these pieces a step above others. Finished off with a black layer of details like scales and eyes. The Stencil Artista proudly advertising that he uses "No Printers,No Machines, No Technology! Everything is drawn, cut, and painted by hand!".  We aren't the hugest fans of some of the stencil pieces we've seen around, and especially when they are poorly done with blown out lines and the like. But these to us are straight up quality and this talent just can't be denied. We want to see more!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Dekoe returns to the 18b Arts District to get up with this tiled piece on the artistically explosive wall on 1st. Dekoe has made a huge mark on Las Vegas with his artwork, and the thing we dig about him is that he uses anything and everything at his disposal. This time using his signature character in different colors up top, and tiling a larger black and white piece below. We've seen him get up with wheatpaste, tags, stickers, aerosol and pretty anything else you can think of! He works hard and he works a lot from what we have seen, so its definitely not going unnoticed. Also below Dekoe we have Drew OTR, we have been seeing more and more of him lately and we aren't sure its him getting up alone or if this was a co-mission. Either way, we are enjoying seeing this image in this city. Drew On The Run has been getting up in and around Southern California for a long while now, and its awesome to see that he has zero plans on stopping. The cool thing about these pieces is that they are both from artists that use a multitude of mediums to get up with, so it is pretty cool to see them up on the same wall with possibly the same paste.