Friday, October 30, 2015

Fishing For Culture

We found some new smaller pieces from Recycled Propaganda on 1st in the 18b Arts District the other day.
Known more for being an artist seen at events like First Friday and other events of the like, its a switch to see actual pieces on the street and not some canvas at some store. We love it when artists try to keep their roots in the streets, so its great to see them hitting illegals walls and keeping that shit real. These two pieces are titled Cultural Preservation & Fishing For Likes, pretty standard fare for pseudo political artwork to be honest. While it is hard not to make a Banksy or even Plastic Jesus compression, it is still very much in the same vein of artwork, just a little more diluted then theirs. Using bold colorful images helps them get their message across, while being surrounded by some of the worst graffiti we've ever seen in the 18b or anywhere else! To change the focus for a second, who the fuck is doing all that horrible chicken scratch painting?! Not that 57 piece, we are cool with them but all that shitty text, robot and bad stencils? Just stop whomever you are, you are NOT ready. Not now, maybe not ever!! We hope they buff this wall honestly, and fuck yeah we just said that! Ok back to our post.. With Recycled Propaganda being one of the most prominent artists in Las Vegas, we hope to see them go bigger in the future and keep getting up on illegal walls!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep Vegas Weird

Portland, Oregon artists Voxx Romana, Skam and Drsc0 came down for a mission recently and hit quite a few good spots. Like this one between Fremont and Ogden on Las Vegas Blvd is a damn good new spot and we hope it keeps growing with artwork like this. Voxx Romana with an image of Albert Einstein with headphones, swirly eyes and an exposed brain, fun stuff! Keeping it creepy is Skam with one of his detailed stenciled images of a skull complete with an inverted cross. Lastly Drsco with an image that can best be described as a halftoned volcano with different colors shooting from their peaks, the side almost looks like text but is illegible but interesting enough for us to keep staring at it. Three different artists working together with one mission in mind, to get up and stay up! More artists are making a point to stop and hit Las Vegas and its great! Especially when the artwork is as varied and solid as it is here.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Come Together

UncuttArt on the corner of Boulder and 1st with more of his work in the 18b Arts District.  Four oblong heart shaped pasters of Steve Jobs and Micheal Jackson, three yellow and one red. The Micheal one has the added text "All these strange pieces came together to create this beautiful image.... As humans, so can we....". With psychedelic lines drawn through the stock stencil looking images its looks almost from another time, albeit the mandatory celeb images. Still, it is kind of a cool and positive message, which does lend itself to the almost 60's hippie sounding message. But like we said, it does sound positive and we are very much down with that.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Deep Covered

That unknown artist with the shitty Xerox skull images is back and now capping Deep Cover, what is up with that? Deep Cover got up awhile ago on the Western Motel with four of his large "Darth Duck" images, yeah we don't know what else to call them ok? Anyway, killer large black and white pieces from DC that had been riding for a bit now have this amazing addition to them. Four crappy digital images that look like they were made in Microsoft Paint, but hey we'll at least give them props for finding that hue slider bar! Either they don't know the rules of street art or they just started a capping war with Deep Cover, best of luck to ya with that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We found this cute little dude outside of The Pinball Hall of Fame the other day, hey we gotta have fun sometimes too dammit! Anyway, we found him hanging with a bunch of other stickers on a parking lot pole. We instantly loved the logo and wanted to know who it was, only to find out that its for a band. Which is cool n stuff, we just dig the image on the sticker a whole lot more. The sticker game is pretty damn huge here, you can find from artists to straight out ads stuck all over this town. Some done by hand and some screened by a professional printer, it is always a treat to find one outta the thousands that you enjoy. Like the Nomad SF sticker, we pretty much love that and hell we took our piercings out like 10 years ago! Great finds all over this town, ya just gotta look for em!

Monday, October 19, 2015


More artwork continues to pop up everyday at Coolidge and 1st, its LaRON Emcee this time with another one of his hand painted pieces. In our time living here we've seen Las Vegas artists really step it up and put in a lot of time with their street art. Some artists in bigger cities like use a lot of prints and/or printed material instead of hand painted pieces, but you can always use the argument that they are getting up in more spots and in a bigger place. Very true and we aren't trying to say one in better than the other by any means, and each person is of course his own artist. It is just one more thing we had to get used to in moving to Vegas, we applaud the time and effort that LaRon puts into his pieces and his love for his craft shows in his work.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Koe Face

Dekoe gets up with one of the many large pieces he has been putting up lately, at least this is one of them that is left. We saw that after he put up another version of this piece on with the other artwork on Charleston and Casino and the entire wall was buffed days after. What a bummer cuz there was some cool street pieces on that wall but it'll return, we are sure of it!  This large red white and blue wheatpaste of his logo on a a multicolored layer of stencils spelling out Dekoe demands your attention, with an added stenciled text that says "Arts District. Not sure if Dekoe added that as well cuz its a complete different typeface, but its an interesting touch as there are signs all around to let you know where the hell you are! Kinda weird... Unless this was just done for social media or repping the 18b or something, we guess that makes sense. But still!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


New York artist UncuttArt hit Las Vegas a short while ago, bringing a young Micheal Jackson and Steve Jobs with him. Or at least some black and white copies of their faces with some accompanying text, but I mean does it even matter? Lets see, the Steve Jobs text says "Think Differently" which apparently the artist failed to do by simply using Mac's old slogan, but we must admit it is nice to see an image of Micheal Jackson that doesn't remind us that he was a child molesting weirdo!.....Oh, oops! Well we do enjoy the cool broken image technique that UncuttArt uses on his subjects, it would look pretty damn stunning stenciled big on the wall. Hmmmm, maybe next time?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Destiny Number 6

Anilyz Something has been making their presence bigger and bigger on the streets of Las Vegas. We've apparently spotted and posted a few of their pieces without knowing who it was, but the artists tagged themselves so we can give proper due credit. This newest piece was found on the wall on Coolidge and 1st amongst the buildup of shitty tags and crap artwork, this piece definitely stands out amongst others. A clean black and white printed graphic with surrounding text, with Anilyz Something's trademark skull with lightening hitting its brain. Definitely a cool image that makes you think and spawns conversation within a group, which is precisely what the artist wants us to do! Can't wait to see more images from this artist.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Life Is Beautiful is over but we still have the artwork living on in the streets, Like this D*Face piece put up while he was in town for this years festival Personally we find these pieces far more interesting than the legal murals, and lucky for us D*Face likes to put up an assortment of artwork when asked to do a mural. We've seen him do street pieces outside of his shows that have been just as intricate as anything inside the gallery, there would be a show, a mural and different street pieces. Him taking these extra steps keeps him absolutely legit in the street art world, even now that he has moved onto such bigger and worldwide medium. Plus quality can and does go a long damn way and that is precisely what D*Face has in his artwork. Quality!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Street Magic

We know, we know! Another post about that damn Banksy "Mobile Garden" truck?!?! Just bare with us and let us take another look at the infamous piece that paid a visit to this years Life Is Beautiful festival, and for a reason dammit! When we heard a piece from Banksy would be making an appearance we made a point to try to have a private visit, and luckily we got the chance the night before the festival started and snapped a few bad photos. When we came across the piece we hit the Internet to double check it was the same truck and low and behold it was! All of the same tags were all there, all the same colors and little details were all correct, and then!.. We noticed the entire truck had been sealed with some sort of finish coat or sealant. Upon first glance it looks just like another truck with various tags all over it but apparently great care has been taken to ensure it will look the same at each viewing. We watched the collection of stickers and random tags it would receive each night the festival was open, then to return to find it magically restored each morning. All of it! Wow, that is some damn impressive forethought to be able to resurrect your piece in a pure state each day! Kudos to Banksy, now you know why he/they make the big bucks!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Deco Tribe

We found this Typical Bandito piece under the pink hippo from our previous post, this black & white female classic nude image with the text "I want this, I want you".  We gotta admit the more we see of Typical  Bandito's street pieces, the more we are eager to seek them out. There is just something that catches our eyes when we see these pieces on the street, with delicate and subtle added lines and different color accents to compliment each piece. Like this woman with her 20's reminiscent haircut and painted white lines that almost feel like a beautiful art deco from a tribal village that has gone undiscovered til now. A very fun and imaginative piece for sure, found in the 18b Arts District.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pink Hippo

We found another hippo looking character roaming the streets of Las Vegas. This piece has been seen in a few places around town, this recent one was found in the 18b. This unknown artist went way larger this time with their piece and it really looks great with the addition of the bright pink color. Looking quite tranquil surrounded by art and tags, we really enjoy this piece. Placed in a chaotic setting and its eyes closed in disregard to it all, it (whatever it is) gives off a calming and soothing effect that we really enjoy.