Monday, June 27, 2016

On The Down Low

Man, this guy! Dekoe shows us that no place is too high, low, big or small to hit! Using a color sticker with his character, he hits a small outlet of some sort. Dekoe has really been keeping busy doing legit work on The Strip all the while keeping it street by getting up illegally, and it doesn't look like he plans on stopping any time soon! By hitting small places like this, he is starting to come up fast on Indecline with the familiarity of seeing his images. We always enjoy all the different mediums the artists chooses to use, cuz you can count on it being different each time. Something we enjoy in street art is a constant changing background, and more often than not. A constant changing foreground as well, and it seems that since we've started this blog the scene has really picked up. We are awful proud to have captured some of it, for even just a small moment. The Las Vegas street art scene is growing, we love it and like to think that we might even have played a small part! Whether that is true or not, who knows? But here we are, still taking photos and posting them. Thanks all!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Gray Balloon

An artist going by the name "TM" has been going around drawing little balloons like this one found in the 18b Arts District. Ah yes, the good old overused balloon in street art. It seems since Banksy's version first appeared, countless people have started drawing balloons. Some artists have used it and made it their own, we are guessing cuz none are really coming to mind right off the bat. But come on, there has to be someone. Right? This version surrounded by older pieces from Dekoe and Drew OTR looks to be drawn in a fat tip marker of some sort, with the added text "CLAW YOURS". To be honest, we couldn't figure out why someone would write "CLAW YOURS" with a balloon. But after looking at it for awhile, we finally got the message. CLAIM YOURS, duh! Our favorite thing about this post though, is the how the sun catches the layers of artwork that have been buffed. Artists are getting up here in Las Vegas with a building ferocity, and the battle of artist vs. buffman is our favorite game to watch. Game on!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Paste Oddity

Wow, another celebrity sighting but this time we had to look a little higher. Well, figuratively speaking that is.
While looking at these barred windows in the 18b Arts District, we happened to spot a tiny hand painted portrait of Chris Hadfield. The Canadian astronaut that famously recorded a cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity while aboard the International Space Station, and even made a video to accompany the song! We love his tribute and we love this little tribute on a 228 to him. Which looks like a mix of (from what we can tell) ink, paint and some watercolors that make this a fun find from There She Is. Who has been putting up flyers as well as artwork for a gallery show with her art partner You Killed Me First at Eden Art Studio & Gallery, seems like these two are trying to make a leap from the grime to the gallery. We wonder how that'll all go down, stay tuned to find out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Are You Experienced?

Another celebrity sighting in the 18b Arts District, sorta. We found another poster behind bars, and from what the same unknown artist and/or artists. This time it is non other than Jimi Hendrix, the incredible and mind blowing guitarist from the 60's that was taken way too soon from an overdose. We really enjoy this image of Jimi, and think its way more effective than the previous John Lennon piece from this artist. His eyes grab you right away, it seems as if you've caught him starting at you from behind those metal bars. Is their a message with this piece? If so, we couldn't find it anywhere. So this kinda comes off as just some fan art on the street, come to think of it...Most artwork is fan art in some way or another. Sometimes its obvious like what we have here, and sometimes far more cryptic. We gotta say we do enjoy trying to decipher most of the artwork we've seen, but its really good to just hit them over the head...HARD! But first...Are You Experienced?

Monday, June 13, 2016


An older piece from It's Me It's Erik gets an update via some mystery person armed with yellow spray paint. This piece has been riding since January and has been left alone, well pretty much. The piece has been deteriorating in the cold, rain and heat for months and the distressing on it looks amazing. We've seen artists work quite a long time to get that look on their artwork, but real time aging just can't be topped! But recently someone decided that it was time to make that cross more noticeable, for whatever reasons we are guessing. Using a completely different yellow, they added a drippy version inverted cross on top of the previous one. We did notice a few crappy tags in the same color but we didn't even bother to read or photograph them. Poorly done tags are just something of no interest to us, but we've include their "collab" with It's Me It's Erik in this post for what its worth. Interesting, I wonder what else (if anything) got a random update? Time will tell.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Watch Out

We spotted this new piece from Drew OTR on an 18b Arts District traffic sign. This placement is obviously perfect for his image of the family from the Immigration highway safety sign. The artist has been using this image for quote awhile now, and with great effect. he is an artist with many styles and uses many mediums to get up in the streets. Be it graffiti, street art, stencils or stickers, he is always getting out and up there. This familiar image of a family running across the freeway brings up a whole entourage of ideas and/or possible meanings behind this, we love that this piece makes us think about quite a few things. We've always said that we love artwork that can be viewed in several ways, and that is most certainly what we have here. Stenciled in black onto the yellow sign right at the crosswalk, this image cannot NOT be seen or denied. We still aren't 100% sure if the artist is getting some local help from another artist to get up, but if so? Great team effort, we can't wait to see more!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Give Paste a Chance

A very familiar face peaks out at you between some bars on an 18b Arts District window. It is the famous face of John Lennon, wearing his infamous NYC shirt. We've seen several artists use this very same image for art, and we guess this won't be the last either. A store bought black and white poster with some added orange and black spray paint. We're guessing in an attempt to make this more then some stolen image poster they bought and pasted up, with a poorly placed peace sign has been sprayed and is dripping right into the quote for this image. This feel to us like some pretty novice work, with random dots and lines painted all over the place. Maybe it is just us, but it doesn't come off great. We do however enjoy the feeling of catching someone starting at you out of a window, and then you realize its just art. We love that part, and with a little work this could be done way better. We hope we get to see that, when and if!

Monday, June 6, 2016

All That Glitters

We spotted these unusual pieces on the side of the Coolidge building in the 18b Arts District recently. Three gold spray painted shapes with three crudely painted black outlines, finished off by an additional canvas glued in the middle of each shape. We aren't sure who the artist is, but it does seem oddly familiar to us. The first piece on the left is of a woman that looks to be drawn in crayon or colored pencil, with all sorts of shapes and faces decoupaged in consecutive layers. An added shredded base of orange paper really makes this piece come to life and our favorite of the bunch. The middle piece is of a fiery woman with the text "sometimes I get so freakin angry i just want to scream", ok then. Finally we have this little odd fellow that looks like some sorta of bug or crustacean with those claws on a black and green background. We can't help but wonder if this was a final image we saw from an artist on this day, or was this a piece that had layers added to it over time? Since we have no idea who the artist is, we can't really be sure. But we are sure happy to see new artwork being put up, so keep it up!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Birthday Bunny

First off, yes we know we've only posted twice this week. Not really too much artwork and/or photos happening, plus we might be losing stream with this blog since we've been doing it for about three years now with no break. There have been times where we had to search for hours just to find something to post on this site, so we feel that we might have reached an impasse. I guess if we keep posting, then we are still here! Til then, Milk The Bunny made a run recently in the 18b Arts Disctrict. Around Keith Haring's past birthday to be exact, and gave us this tribute to the late artist. A direct copy of one of Haring's most popular images, but she has added her trademark bunny ears in an effort to make it her own. We have to be honest, sometimes when we see artists paying tribute to other artists it is just usually a fairly bad ripoff of said artist. We don't think that is the case here with MTB, she has added her own charm and flair to keep this piece original even though its a tribute. Good job! But what about that heart that was left by Jennifer Korsen in 2013 still riding up above this piece?! All the paint is gone and only a wooden piece in the shape of a heart remains, we love it. But damn, she needs to come back with fresh artwork and get back up soon and regulate!