Monday, June 13, 2016


An older piece from It's Me It's Erik gets an update via some mystery person armed with yellow spray paint. This piece has been riding since January and has been left alone, well pretty much. The piece has been deteriorating in the cold, rain and heat for months and the distressing on it looks amazing. We've seen artists work quite a long time to get that look on their artwork, but real time aging just can't be topped! But recently someone decided that it was time to make that cross more noticeable, for whatever reasons we are guessing. Using a completely different yellow, they added a drippy version inverted cross on top of the previous one. We did notice a few crappy tags in the same color but we didn't even bother to read or photograph them. Poorly done tags are just something of no interest to us, but we've include their "collab" with It's Me It's Erik in this post for what its worth. Interesting, I wonder what else (if anything) got a random update? Time will tell.

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