Monday, June 27, 2016

On The Down Low

Man, this guy! Dekoe shows us that no place is too high, low, big or small to hit! Using a color sticker with his character, he hits a small outlet of some sort. Dekoe has really been keeping busy doing legit work on The Strip all the while keeping it street by getting up illegally, and it doesn't look like he plans on stopping any time soon! By hitting small places like this, he is starting to come up fast on Indecline with the familiarity of seeing his images. We always enjoy all the different mediums the artists chooses to use, cuz you can count on it being different each time. Something we enjoy in street art is a constant changing background, and more often than not. A constant changing foreground as well, and it seems that since we've started this blog the scene has really picked up. We are awful proud to have captured some of it, for even just a small moment. The Las Vegas street art scene is growing, we love it and like to think that we might even have played a small part! Whether that is true or not, who knows? But here we are, still taking photos and posting them. Thanks all!

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