Friday, June 24, 2016

Gray Balloon

An artist going by the name "TM" has been going around drawing little balloons like this one found in the 18b Arts District. Ah yes, the good old overused balloon in street art. It seems since Banksy's version first appeared, countless people have started drawing balloons. Some artists have used it and made it their own, we are guessing cuz none are really coming to mind right off the bat. But come on, there has to be someone. Right? This version surrounded by older pieces from Dekoe and Drew OTR looks to be drawn in a fat tip marker of some sort, with the added text "CLAW YOURS". To be honest, we couldn't figure out why someone would write "CLAW YOURS" with a balloon. But after looking at it for awhile, we finally got the message. CLAIM YOURS, duh! Our favorite thing about this post though, is the how the sun catches the layers of artwork that have been buffed. Artists are getting up here in Las Vegas with a building ferocity, and the battle of artist vs. buffman is our favorite game to watch. Game on!

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