Friday, April 29, 2016

Hidden Heart

We were so close to missing this little guy on Charleston on our last visit, only by chance did we look up to discover him. While are aren't 100% sure who the artist is that left this cute little heart, but we sure as hell love it. His little shocked "o face" and his X'ed out eyes make him look very cute but also very dead. We are kinda tripping out a little bit on the choice of placement the artist decided to go with though. Could a random passerby have messed with the original placement of this sticker, or was this really this unknown artists first choice? We have quite a few questions about who, what, when and where with this spot and piece. Mostly just cuz we like, even if a little puzzled by it! But all in all, a fun little find on the corner of Charleston and Casino in the 18b Arts District.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Asian Eyes

Another trip Downtown to the Art Motel finds the entrance updated with another round of fresh artwork. Joining Anilyz Something and Skull Capper on the front we have new pieces from There She Is and You Killed Me First. YKMF with another one of his Frankenstein movie posters, this time updating it to a red version. We still enjoy the addition of the Las Vegas skyline under The Monster's feet, a fun little detail that makes this piece feel complete. But this time it is the piece from There She Is that really grabbed our attention. Known for using completely hand-painted pieces to get up all around town, she sticks to her normal M.O. but gives us a little something new with this piece by using Asian newsprint to paint her latest portrait on. The perfect placement of the Asian characters under her painted eyes make it look as if she has been crying, like her eyeliner is running or something. Combined with that sad look on her face, it just completely makes this piece for us. What a wonderful new addition to this spot, can't wait to see more!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Checkered Cone

Directly catty-corner from our last post, we find this collection of mismatched images and art. Below the flyers and ads for local businesses we have peeled stickers and tags of all colors. We can make out a few of them, like we see the I.S.I. tiger image and a Blue Swan Records sticker under a pink tag. The favorite one of ours and also the one to grab our attention is that little ice cream cone sticker. We have not one clue on who this is, or what "Free Cauwod" even means! Honestly, we are pretty much guessing that is what it says. Hmmm, could be the letter D, could be the letter P. But still, a fun little black and white drawn image either way, and we love that checkerboard cone pattern too. We might have to look at more of these pedestrian crossing buttons for sure, seems like there is more action happening here than we thought!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Don't Walk

While waiting on the corner of Casino and Charleston in the 18b Arts District, we just happened to look up and saw these guys. A little orange bug guy that looks sorta like a grasshopper, then again it could almost be letters and that would kinda make sense. Illegible as they may be. It looks like he was draw then cut out of some kinda of foam material to be attached with adhesive somewhere, we haven't seen too much of that technique. But we do remember when Thrashbird got up with that big cross using brightly colored children's playmats in the 18b last year, this has that same sorta vibe. Just without the blasphemy. A few different stickers are stuck up and around the light pole as well, from heavy hitters like Visual Bluff to people we've never heard of like Asslete, Transmission, a childlike drawing and some weed sticker. But our favorite has to be the part of an Priority Mail sticker, with nothing on it! Ha ha ha, now that is getting street! Just the sticker part and no name. Now just try and top that! Hilarious.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Anilyz Something has been one busy guy in the Vegas streets, we are seeing him far and wide in this city. Now he is giving a little bit of help to Houston, Texas artist Thieve to get up on this 18b Arts District dumpster. We are digging the black and white images on the blue and tagged up dumpster, they really pop in your face. With some added red spray paint over the skulls eyes and the phrase "Compliant Silence" stenciled on Thieve's skull, they just look and work great together. The combination of a human skull next to an.....what is that thing, a alien skull or what? Well anyway, they look great together and beckon you to photograph them. We know we've already said it but, Anilyz Something is really going for it with the amount of pieces he is putting out. Combine that will killer high profile spots with quality artwork, and you got a man on a successful mission. Killer work, keep it up!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Green Box

We spotted a few familiar faces on this box off Sunset, just south of the Strip. Hit by stickers, tags and a few pasters from a wide selection of artists and people. We like the Elbert Einsteinish looking one the best, the look on his face is neither friendly or unfriendly. Just sorta indifferent, and we like that. Next to an older piece from Visual Bluff, who we haven't seen in awhile come to think of it. So it is a welcome site to see them again. On the other side we have one of those Enovizin pasters all the way back from 2014, a quick check (cuz we forgot who they are) learns that they are now defunct. Seems like they were a film company and/or some street brand. Hmm, does anyone do street art for art anymore? Wrapped in tags and stickers this box looks pretty decent, they do a ridiculous amount of buffing around the strip. So they further you get away from the casinos, the more artwork and stickers you can find. Sometimes its worth taking the time to look, just like we lucked out finding this one. Keep looking people!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Neon Nights

There She Is and You Killed Me First hit the 18b Arts District with some large new pieces to announce their return to the street. These pieces have been painted such bright neon colors that we could see them a few blocks away, a technique that these two have used before with much success. We always enjoy how the two artists paint with the same colors to match the others piece, they take being a couple to new levels within their artwork. There She Is offers us one of her painted ladies with her always present large eyes, with all the paint drips all around she appears to be crying. The pieces she paints can have the most forlorn and yet beautiful faces to them, combined with the almost subliminal tears really makes this piece grab your attention. Plus the fact that its about 4 foot tall doesn't hurt either! You Killed Me First with another tribute piece to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. We've seen him use quite a bit of artwork based on the theme park ride, so we are definitely feeling the artists love when we spot them. Using pieces from the Haunted Mansion clock and an eroded typeface from the attraction ride, then adding a distressed and splattered effect by hand to finish it off. These two pieces work really well together, just like these two apparently work well together in real life. Let's hope we see more artwork from them around town, and soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


While on another one of our casino adventure debacles, we happened to spot this sticker in the Stratosphere parking garage stairwell. What were we doing hanging out in the stairwell, more than likely we were up to no good. This sticker from KBF "Kant Be Faded Mob" is simple with design and font choice, but it works. You can usually find a good amount of stickers that haven't been found and removed in the casino parking garages around town. With the huge amount of people that travel through this town, its always interesting to stop and have a look. You can always find some cool stuff, as well as some boring and terrible stuff for that matter. But that is pretty much the name of the game, isn't it? Good and/or bad, we enjoy seeing it all. We tried to look up who this was, but couldn't really find anything about who/what/why. So there ya go, can't be faded and can't be found. Gotcha!

Monday, April 11, 2016


The mysterious artist we call Skull Capper has made another wheatpaste run downtown in the Fremont East District. We aren't exactly too sure who this person is but we definitely know their artistic agenda. They like to cap people! Seems like this artists mission is almost solely covering other peoples art, so we kinda figure there must be some artwork covered up on this can. We are pretty much going with the law of averages on this one, and you can't really blame us. Always using the same bad copied image of a white skull, sometimes with an added X and sometimes not. The one thing you just can't deny, is that you can always count on Skull Capper getting up around town. This guy never lets up, and you gotta admire that right? I don't know how capped artists feel about it, but we are enjoying the action on the streets and walls. Joined by a large piece from Anilyz Something, and that one must be new too cuz we see its on top of those others. Nice!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Torn Away

Another visit to the North side of town reveals a piece that has seen better days. This ripped image of a woman's face looks like the logo of RM "Serene" AKA Skyn3t, if not then someone is ripping him off. No pun intended. We love how it almost looks like the woman is peaking out from behind the torn edges, it kinda makes the piece to us! She has a very sultry look in her eyes as she peaks at you, almost to let you know that she is still a beautiful woman. No matter what scars she has, she is still confidant and definitely lets you know it with one look. The environment and/or some random passerby can sometimes elevate a piece of work to another level simply by touching it or tearing it. It looks to us that someone took the time to pick at both of these and we have to thank them, they made these pieces stand out. We highly doubt that was their intent, but it is what it is now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The boarded up entrance to the Art Motel downtown has been on fire lately, lots of back and forth between the buffman and artists. Hell, at some points its pretty much been artist against artist if you wanna get down to it. The war between aerosol and paste is a constant, and will can find yourself in some deep waters if you don't know or care about the rules of street art. But here, the buffman gave Anilyz Something and that Skull Capper person a fresh new canvas to work with. Anilyz Something with the large inverted skull piece that we really have been enjoying seeing around town, we enjoy him regulating his spots even more so. He is making sure that he has a new piece up quick when he gets buffed or capped, and that is a tough hustle to keep up. But he is doing it, and doing it well. No idea if this was a co-op mission between the two artists or not, but we might think so since those skulls aren't covering Anilyz Something's piece. A total assumption on our part, but it does look strange when Skull Capper isn't......Well, capping someone!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gloomy Girl

Just a few days ago we were cruising around North Vegas and we just so happened to spot a beautiful face on the side of the road. This artist unknown piece really grabbed out attention with this simple yet detailed image of a woman with braids and buns in her hair. Surrounded by a halo of dots that make the image of the woman just leap off the piece, we really enjoy this style and wish we knew who made this! On closer inspection we see that some incredibly smart individual felt the need to draw a penis and write "thes nuts" under where the artist tilted the piece "Rain". This mystery artist leaves a lot to be desired and for the life of us we just can't figure out why someone would do this. I mean, unless you are 12 years old or something. Drawing and spelling skills might give us a clue to who or what they are, so thanks but no thanks! You can't really see those additions when you are driving past this piece on Craig and Buffalo, so all in all. It ain't too bad!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Street B.S.

Another new piece from Recycled Propaganda spotted in the 18b Arts District, and he is still Feeling The Bern! This four color piece is subtle in design and yet hard hitting in message, we are digging this cleaner design from Recycled Propaganda we gotta say. The image of Bernie Sanders holding his arm up in almost a protest pose, with added text "The Right Kind Of B.S." This design is a leftover from the Feel The Bern event at Eden Gallery from last month, and is printed on the same reusable sticker material from this post. Which again, makes us wanna steal it from the streets and we wonder if someone has stolen ALL of these designs!? We've said it before, and we'll say it again. These easily removable stickers make it awful tempting to not take them, especially when they have great and strong designs on them. But as you can tell, we just photographed them and left them for Las Vegas fans of street art to enjoy. So get the hell out there and enjoy them!